Thursday, July 23, 2009


I have gone from HE seven children to two in the space of 2 years. The quickest drop off being now. In September two of the older girls will be in college fulltime, S will be in school fulltime ( panic attacks at 5 am over that but ...) and K2 and C are no longer of compulsory education age so are doing their own thing. K2 goes to college a year in September If she ever gets her portfolio together and C hasn't decided yet.

Today I spent most of it filling in forms for college, G.P forms for 3 of them ( having decided we really ought to have one locally as the colleges and school stipulate both), sorting out birth certificates that were buried in a box file, writing campus cheques ( what are they all about eh?) and buying gear online and coughing up money for stuff here. G lost her diploma which took over an hour to find and the house looked like it had been robbed afterwards. S has also got her head buried in NC Key Stage 3 workbooks I bought yesterday ( she asked for them lol) and arrived this am which she says are easy.

End of an era.................. I feel sad. If I think hard I might cry but I am proud of them too. Going back "into the system" was hard for G last year but she battled through it cos she wanted to and has decided to carry on for two more. K vowed never again when she left school 8.5 years ago but has decided to cos she needs the qualifications to do what she wants. S was the biggest surprise. She has shown a maturity I rarely see in her and her sorte into school is purely an exercise in getting what she wants out of it for her own ends. I am not worried about her. She is feisty and I think any bullies will flee from her tongue lashings and one liner put downs she can give with a deadpan expression that makes everyone wonder if she was joking...or not. Workwise well - what do they do all day in school is my question? She has done no formal work in her life but is well up with the NC and then some in most subjects. It is a strange irony that she was getting a better ed at home but has to go to school to get a worse one so she can jump through qualification hoops to get on a course she could have done with none if anyone had enough ability to think outside the box and take her on merit. I think only posh peeps get in uni on merit tho.

They are growing up. I still have two to HE but it isn't the same. Life will never be the same again. I am going back to living for the holidays mode:)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

School Rears Its Ugly Head

S is going to school. She decided after realising that doing GCSE's privately was not an option living here and the college does not do them at 16. I couldn't get private sittings anywhere locally, cannot afford private sittings or the transport costs to travel hundreds of miles to a private sitting. Not to mention the actual cost of courses involved. School for the last 2 years ( or 4 if she does A levels) is the only option left. She is excited. I am resigned:)

Saturday, July 18, 2009

18 Rabbits

We have 18 rabbits at the moment. Many of them rescue rabbits and our own. I have just been up to the vets with a 6 week old baby ( yes I know too young to have no mother:() who was poorly. The road up was flanked with pubs and restaurants full of people enjoying the Saturday night sunshine. I was racing along in a coat covering my 4th, now filthy, clean top of the day, sweating buckets with the rabbit in a carrier passing people all dressed up enjoying themselves lol. S hot on my heels. ( her to thank for noticing the rabbit was ill) The vet saw her ( we found out she was a doe while there) and gave emergency meds. She is going to be O.K:) Back home and dh cooked a late tea for me while I settled the rabbit and jumped in the shower.

D had Swine Flu. He has got off lightly tbh and, apart from sleeping more, he is fine now. I think the fact he has never had any meds in his life has help build up his immune sytem. He did not have the Tamiflu. A fact I am glad about now after reading the horror stories about it. I feel off but am still "operational" B is looking peaky. Everyone else is well.

It is lovely here, really warm and the hordes have arrived for the Summer but I know what to expect now so it isn't such a shock. It has helped being more integrated into the community as we have met locals via the Rabbit Rescue and fundraising and galas lately and it is nice to be able to put names to faces when out and about. We have another gala a week tomorrow. I enjoy it. It is great to get out of here once in a while and met people.

B is on a Harry Potter kick and we are reading all the books. It is great fun. D has got into an animal activity book with over 300 pages so it should keep him occupied for a while. We have been on the beach a lot and enjoyed the last few days of peace before schools broke up.

I must post piccies of the bog garden. It has grown up and is flowering now. There are no frogs in it tho lol. I know I wasn't going to blog but I thought I would today;) I hope you are all having a great summer.

Monday, July 13, 2009

All Blogged Out

I have to admit I think my blogging days are coming to an end. I have nothing left to say and am too busy to find the time.

I was hoping for some inspiration but none comes. We do the same old, same old here cos that is the way the hordes like it but it does not make for interesting blogging. Life continues in an endless round of learning, work of the domestic variety, rabbit care, re-homing meets, Galas to advertise the rabbits, d.i.y, arguments over trivia and summer visitors. I think the review has sucked me dry along with a few thousand other of us. That or my brain left the building for good ;) so back to reading the Harry Potter books with B.............only 2 to go. Might blog if we go anywhere good.

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

Been Away

We went away for a much needed break. The review, health stuff and family issues have all been grinding me down and we booked on the spur of the moment and went a week last Monday. The week was lovely. We had fantastic weather and a great time just chilling out with no internet connection. We had BBQ's every night and spent each day walking, on the beach or visiting places and watching the Speedway which the boys loved. D ran wild on the campsite with a gang of boys he met, all Scottish and very friendly. It was brilliant to just have time for the kids and do things with them all day and eat cooked breakfasts which I never have at home. Learning went into hyperdrive as it always does somewhere new and that was the only thing I missed the internet for, to look things up. D got home with a Scottish accent and the kids teased me that I had one too but it is wearing off now lol. I had a wonderful time and met some really great people. I love it there and we are going again in September. I feel a bit flat now we are back to reality. Keeping a caravan tidy is much easier and less time consuming then this house and I seriously wish we could live in one all the time. My gypsy blood is very evident again:)

In other news G's college dilemma was solved today when she was offered a place at one a fair way away but it is such a great college she is pleased as punch. I went with her to look around and it is in a fantastic rural location in acres of grounds. The facilities are amazing, the staff friendly and she hasn't stopped smiling despite feeling travel sick there and back and nearly throwing up in the flower display in the college reception:0